Cocktail Classes In London

We specialise in cocktail classes for events in London and UK Mainland that teach you how to work with different products to create your very own cocktails or mocktails. We ensure you are having loads of fun at our cocktail classes whilst you’re mixing magic with your team, having a drink and hopefully winning the challenge, all in an exhilarating two hours.

Our mobile cocktail bars travel across the UK along with everything needed to make your cocktail classes fun and memorable. From London to Brighton, Birmingham or Surrey, to even Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire and beyond, we get it all set up quickly at your venue.

We cater for all types of events from team building challenges, hen parties, birthday celebrations, and corporate events, or just an excuse to have fun.


If only school was this much fun! Barz8 have your class set up in just one hour. Your host and expert mixologist will then promptly offer you and your guests their first masterly created cocktail.

You will split into cocktail making teams of 5 or 6 people. Each team gets their own fully equipped mobile cocktail making bar. These bars are fully stocked with cocktail making equipment for each of your individual guests and enough consumables to keep you mixing and shaking all night long.

Your mixologist will demonstrate each cocktail to your party and then allows you to try your hand at mixing, flaring, building, shaking and stirring up a cocktail storm of your own! Everyone gets to do this at the same time, meaning there is no waiting or sharing, just go for it. Of course once your creation is complete you can compare with your team and obviously drink the fruits of your labour! Get ready, there are 3 cocktails each to be made!

Our mixologist is there to help you all along the way, whilst demonstrating use of the cocktail making equipment, sharing tricks of the trade and offering fun facts about the consumables you are all using. Once you have it in the bag, you will be offered an extra selection of liqueurs, fruit and mixers and asked to create your own ‘team cocktail’. Let’s hope the Dutch courage has helped you become a more creative mixologist as the night wears on! This will be a competition against the other mobile bar teams. Mix your chosen ingredients and think of an original name then get up on stage and do a presentation of your creation to convince your party why your team’s cocktail should win. The cocktails will be tasted and judged by our master mixologist.

Barz8 can provide the winners with their very own cocktail making kit, to take home and continue their new found talent at their leisure.

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Mobile means we can set up anywhere in the UK, at your property or venue. We are flexible to suit your space and needs. Once we have an idea of your space and the number of people taking the class we can accommodate. We do this for a living, so finding a way to transform your space into the perfect cocktail lounge experience is done with ease. We have the class bars set up in just one hour!

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Our expertise and frequency of cocktail classes has enabled us to build solid hotel, club and venue partnerships, both in London and beyond. Our house venue is a members club in Mayfair, where we offer cocktail classes in London of 8 to 30 people, using multiple portable bars. Your class is run in an exclusive private room or area, meaning your class starting time is entirely up to you.


We also have several venues for your cocktail making class in the City, West End, London Bridge, Covent Garden, Russell Square and many more. Just tell us where you would like to be and we will arrange this for you. As we are fully mobile, we can set up literally anywhere in England and the UK, meaning we will source the right venue for you whether within or outside of London. Contact us for a full selection of venues in your preferred area.


The cocktail making experience is a very flexible approach catered around your needs. This works well with our bigger capacity events, often works alongside your own venues bar and could add that special entertainment wow factor to a conference, trade show or large corporate, client event.

We can set up one or more fully stocked cocktail making bars, side by side or dotted throughout your venue. This will allow your guests to approach the bar/s at their leisure to make their own cocktails individually or in small groups.


This is more flexible than our cocktail classes. This allows us to accommodate a larger scale of guests, whilst making it an individual experience with one on one instruction provided. We can offer this service anywhere and be set-up in just one hour.

We will allocate one of our mixologists to each mobile cocktail bar, to teach and supervise the guest users. The mobile bar is fully stocked with all the ingredients and equipment needed to make a selection of cocktails throughout the event.

We can add a fun cocktail creation competition for individuals or groups, to suit the events theme. Our mixologist will also act as the judge and can distribute prizes if relevant. Guests are instructed and supervised by our master mixologist throughout, ensuring fun is had by all.