Cocktail Making Classes in London

Cocktail Making Classes in London For Fun Team Building

cocktail making classesCocktail making classes in London by Barz8 Events is a unique way for corporate team building. Barz8 Events specialise in fun, corporate cocktail making classes that are perfect for away days, team building and client entertainment.

Our professional mixologists and bar tenders create bespoke team building cocktail making classes that are an ideal way to bring people together. It’s a fantastic way of getting a group of people to introduce themselves to each other in a fun and informal environment.

Our classes use cocktail making as a vehicle to better understand your team’s personalities, as well as their delegation and communication skills.

They can also help in building and developing team and client relationships, providing a new and exciting way of entertaining in a relaxed environment.

Everybody loves a tasty mixed drink and it’s no secret that Barz8 Events has some of very best cocktail bars in the business. Our cocktail making classes in London invites you to participate in a fun enviornment and whip up all sorts of creative concoctions with your friends. At Barz8 Events, we offer the best classes in London.

Our classes give groups of mixers their own custom-built bars to work with, alongside providing equipment and glassware for each individual. Master the basics before learning more complex techniques and end the day by competing with others to make the best cocktail of the day. You will also learn to create and mix your favourite concoctions. Our expert mixologists will lead you through every stage of making cocktails.

Our classes are an experience in enlightenment with the best mixers in the business on hand to lend their mad skills and pass on some top knowledge. Make your favourite cocktails and sample plenty of others alongside at these fun cocktail making classes.

Contact Barz8 Events to prepare tasty exotic cocktails and enjoy a fun filled team building day together in a relaxed environment at one of our cocktail making classes in London.