Cocktail Making Classes

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Cocktail making classes for corporate team building

Barz8 Events offers cocktail making classes as a unique experience for corporate team building. We specialize in cocktail making classes that are perfect for fun, away days, corporate team building and client entertainment. Our professional mixologists create bespoke team building cocktail making classes that are ideal in bringing people together. It’s a fantastic opportunity of getting a group of people to introduce themselves to each other in a fun and informal environment.

Get to know your team’s personalities, delegation and communication skills by trying our cocktail making class. It’s fantastic!

A fun environment with some tasty cocktails for any occasions

At Barz8 Events, we designed our cocktail making classes for you and your friends to participate in a fun environment. Take part in creating different types of tasty cocktails with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. This ensures that everyone can participate. It’s a fun and exciting class to share with friends.

We will provide groups with their own custom-built bars as well as cocktail making equipment and glassware for each individual. First, you will master the basics of cocktail making before learning the more complex techniques. Eventually, your day will end by competing against others to make the best cocktail of the day. After creating your exciting cocktail mixed with your chosen ingredients, you will give your cocktail an original name. Then you will get up on stage to present your creation and convince your party why your team’s cocktail should win.

At the end of the competition, the Mixologist will announce the winning team. An award will be given to each team member with a cocktail making kit and equipment used during the class.

Please note that for you to enjoy a better cocktail making experience, teams are made up of no more than 6 persons per bar.

Cocktail making classes on wheels

We are fully mobile so you can decide on your favourite location for your cocktail making class. Whether you would like to host your event at your offices, event space or one of our venues, we are flexible. With partnerships with several hotels, bars and members clubs in different areas in London, you have a selection to choose from. Hosting your cocktail making class will be easy.