Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire

Mobile cocktail bar hire by Barz8 Events brings everything to your chosen location. From our different style of mobile bars and talented bar staff to ice and glassware. As part of our mobile cocktail bar hire, we offer a full package for events in private homes, offices, hired venues and marquees. We can also cater at many of our partnership venues in London and across the UK.

We have several mobile cocktail bar hire packages to provide you with your preferred mobile bar, specific glassware, experienced mixologists and relevant beverages for your event. We do not need much space, electricity or running water and we can arrange your pop up bar to be ready and serving guests in just one hour! We also have the ability to join many bars together, to cater for the more extravagant events of even 1,000 people.

Each of the following mobile bar hire services are entirely based on our clients’ requirements, therefore the hours of service, location of the event, number of guests and the type of drinks are fully customisable to your specification.

Mobile Cocktail Bar Hire


Having a birthday party or arranging a corporate event for your favourite clients? Our ‘all-inclusive unlimited bar hire service’ gives you everything Barz8 has on offer, including unlimited service of cocktails, mocktails, beer, wine and soft drinks and for as long as you need. Choose the size and style of the mobile cocktail bar to fit your theme and we will provide the relevant glassware and experienced bar staff for an all-inclusive fully tailored package.


We can cater for particular tastes and themes, as you may prefer a certain Scotch whisky or vodka brand, have a colour theme that we can accommodate in your cocktail menu selection or you may want it to somehow incorporate your company values. This is the most popular mobile bar hire service we offer as it leaves the organisation of every aspect of the service to us, just tell us where to set-up and we do the rest!



Do you have your own access to fine spirits, juices and fruits? If so, let us provide you with a mobile cocktail bar, mixologists, cocktail making equipment and glassware whilst you just provide your favourite drinks and consumables. We will even work with you to create the perfect bespoke cocktail drinks list and we will also write your very own shopping list based on your expected number of guests.


We arrive, set up, collate your consumables behind our mobile bar and start serving as agreed. We leave your place nice and clean and with any of your leftover stock for you. Additionally, we can provide the crushed and cubed ice, as well as source any specific and difficult to find cocktail liqueurs, bitters or fruits.



We have found that some venues and caterers do not provide a knowledgeable or reliable cocktail service. Luckily, Barz8 Events are on the market to fill this gap! Since we are fully mobile this means we can set-up our mobile bar anywhere and run a professional ‘add-on cocktail bar service’ to indulge your guests. Your venue or caterer can provide regular drinks which leaves the cocktail making to us, the experts.


At Barz8 we are proud to be flexible, so we can customise this service to suit your celebration needs. Perhaps we can build the package to work on a set number of cocktails, or even an unlimited number of cocktails for an agreed number of hours. You can also build this mobile bar hire service onto a ‘dry bar hire’ basis, which allows you to provide your own consumables and we do the rest.

mocktail bar hire


Mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails. They still taste terrific, look amazing and you will get a buzz from drinking such well balanced and superbly made drinks, so you can let your guests that do not drink alcohol have a good time too! We offer a full mocktails service or we can advise you on just a couple of fabulous mocktail favourites to be part of your celebration cocktail menu.


Let our mocktail package be the sophisticated add on that delights your guests. You may already have a venue or caterer providing a standard bar service, but they don’t provide a professional mocktail service. We will work alongside the main bar to provide your mocktail reception or all day service. This service could be hired as an all-inclusive package, or by a selected number of mocktails, or even based on a specified timeframe. We are also very happy to let you provide the consumables and we just do the rest.

cocktail bar hire london


Barz8 and our mixologists are dedicated to letting you celebrate whilst we craft the cocktails. Let your guests pay as they drink so you don’t have to worry about the expense. Our ‘drink as you go’ service includes our mobile bar hire, mixologists, all beverages, consumables and the local council event notice application (required for events where the sale of alcohol is involved).


We can also pair this option with another of our mobile bar hire packages. For example, you could start with the ‘add-on cocktail package’ where you pay for a bulk number of cocktails and we serve these until they run out. That’s when your guests can start to pay for their own. We have the facilities to take payment from your guests by cash and card. We can fashion a cocktail, mocktail and drinks list inspired by you or your theme, ranging from the classics, fresh & fruity, or sweet & strong. You name it we have made it.

cocktail bar hire london


Let our master flair bartenders wow you and your guests with their aerial cocktail making skills. They will flip, juggle, slide and catch the bottles and shakers whilst creating you the most delectable cocktails imaginable. The bartenders will arrive impeccably and with their own cocktail equipment. Let us know if you would like to opt for a mobile bar hire or glassware also and we would be happy to help.


Our flair bartender service in entirely customisable, so we can include some of our top flair bartenders or a full service inclusive of mobile bar/s, glassware and even the consumables. The ‘flair bar’ adds an entertainment factor to your event, which will surely impress your guests. This service can also be used as an add-on to the main bar that your venue may already be providing.



Have your event sorted but need some expert staff to run the bar, work the floor and hold the drink trays? We have a long list of specialist staff who can cover all aspects of your event. We will establish the correct number of staff based on the hours of service, number of guests and specific event requirements, to ensure the service runs smoothly and professionally at all times.


We have found that some venues/caterers already provide a fully functional bar, but you the client may need to staff it. Then, this is the right package for you. So, whether it’s a small gathering requiring one mixologist or a wedding for 400 guests requiring bar and floor staff, we can advise and provide. Set-up time, travel costs and relevant cocktail equipment are included in this service.